Deadline Is Looming To Appeal Property Assessment

An important appeal deadline is looming! One that affects your property taxes. Tomorrow – January 31 – is the deadline to file an appeal of your property assessment, if you feel it is incorrect.

“Up to 20% of all assessments are incorrect”

Up to 20% of all tax assessments are incorrect according to Peter D. Morris of Greenstead Consulting Group, the co-author of How to Successfully Appeal Your BC Property Assessment; with Tim Down a former assessment supervisor with the BC Assessment Authority.


For example, did you know that although your Notice of Assessment states only one value, the BC Assessment Authority actually determines a range of values for your property? The value on your Notice may not be the lowest in the range.

“The value on your Notice may not be
the lowest in the range”

If you need more time to consider your options, it is important to send an appeal notice (called a Notice of Complaint) before the deadline at 11:59 PM tomorrow. Mr. Morris calls it a “Protective Appeal” because it protects your option to appeal, and gives you more time to think about your assessment.

You can’t appeal later if you miss the deadline, so it is a good idea to send in a Protective Appeal. If you decide later that you don’t want to appeal this year after all, you can always cancel your Notice.

The back of your Assessment Notice gives you the details on how to appeal your property assessment. The website link for BC Assessment is here.

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